POETIC helps sexually exploited and trafficked girls

POETIC is a non-profit based out of downtown Dallas, serving commercially exploited and trafficked girls. This dedicated team helps survivors earn high school diplomas, find paid internships and provides art therapy and 24-7 support all under one roof. There is also a community closet for young women who are ready to interview and enter the workforce.

As you walk around you will find beautiful pieces of art made by the girls in the program, each tells a different story. One girl who was trafficked became pregnant – but still found the strength to graduate, as shown in her painting. One dreamed of becoming a lawyer one day and created art that conveyed that.

The words and pictures the girls choose for their art reflects their pain and their determination to find peace and happiness. “If you want change, you got to really want it, outgrow that past hurt, just see different so you can grow different,” wrote a young woman through artistic expression. Dr. HaeSung Han, co-founder and CEO of POETIC is a clinical psychologist. She has worked tirelessly to develop a team that is responsive to the needs of the girls in the program and sets them up for success so that they are empowered to take control of their lives. This program may one day be a model that can be duplicated across the U.S.

For more information, visit iampoetic.org