3 Delightful Reason You Should Get A Dog

I am obsessively grateful for my four-legged friend. Let me tell you why.


On the surface, dogs are loyal companions who completely change the daily routines of the people who open their lives and homes to them. Yes, owning a dog means vet bills, sacrificing a shoe or five, and a lot of shushing when a package is delivered - but owning a dog is much more than this. It is a blessing in disguise as dogs provide a sense of hope and empathy to our daily lives – two things often lacking in the world today.


Dogs benefit us more than we realize. They even help us keep our homes clean during the winter and summer when they blow out their coat! <inserteyeroll> But seriously, owning a dog is more than an added responsibility. There are endless reasons why I am grateful for my dog, but here are just 3.


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings

1.     Enjoying the Little Things

Dogs live for the simplicity of taking a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s the little things that matter to them. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is difficult for busy adults to carve out time to enjoy the little things in life. Daily walks allow this, benefiting both the dog and the human.


2.      Unconditional Love

Picture this… you had a hectic day at work, and you decide to eat ice cream directly from the tub while wearing mismatched socks. Guess who will enjoy your company and not judge you… You guessed it! Dogs are phenomenal companions and will love and accept you for who you are – no matter how bad of a day you’re having.


3.     Genuine Connection

And finally, the main reason why I am obsessively grateful for my dog. Dogs show you that life is not about material things, fancy meals (they eat the same thing every day and seem to be perfectly content!), social media likes, or being a high performer at work. Dogs show you that the only thing you truly need day in, and day out is genuine connection.


So, if you already have a dog, give your furry friend a hug and thank them for being them. If you’re considering the joys of dog ownership, reach out to a shelter near you to find your new best friend!


Written by Tammika Stocker
Tammika is an inbound marketing professional with a passion for strategic communications. Outside of the marketing profession, she is a kickboxing instructor, fitness enthusiast, and a seeker of progress.