How To Survive the Longest Summer Ever

We’ve been in quarantine for approximately 84 years.

The monotony and isolation can certainly take a toll, so it’s important to take a few steps to bring a bit of stability and joy during COVID-19.

Make meals fun

How many times have you had pasta this quarantine? Take a look at your pantry and try something new. Switching your meals up will provide a new experience and using some of those pantry items may help you discover a new favorite meal.

Go out, inside

Let your imagination run wild! Turn your living room into a movie theatre or set up a mini-spa in your bathroom. Just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun around the house.

Get dressed up

“Look good, feel good” has some truth to it. Get up, take a shower, put on your favorite shirt, maybe try that new eyeshadow. Get dressed up and feel confident all for yourself.

Treat Yo Self

Even if it’s something simple, indulge in something you enjoy. Maybe it’s buying yourself a new pair of shoes or eating that second (or third, or fourth) piece of chocolate before bed. You are special and deserve a treat for surviving this summer!