Fight Club welcomes inaugural cohort

*Photos shared with consent


Each of our pioneer cohort arrived. All ten who had committed. They came in new car and old. Or dropped off. Viscerally lost or nervous. In the sun, masked, they made the journey up the iron steps, alone, to find a class, us, a new future, sense of the past, themselves.  

When they saw a face from the Zoom orientation, some smiled.  Temperature taken by Joel’s sister Hazel, shoes doffed, in a new place. They quietly took the mat.

When I saw them take their first fighting stance, coached with care and zest by Joel, welcomed and affirmed by Hazel, I felt so grateful.

To be in their presence, to have been asked by my dear friend Sana to be a small part, as she explained her idea, at Ascension Coffee, wild and full and intent.

The depth of the pain in each masked face, each new and strange movement, each loss, each commitment to fight ... it was a moment to savor and hold on to.

Fight the fight.

Harry Jones

General Counsel, Kimiya International