Arlington's Hagar's Heart gives women overwhelming encouragement

"I see you”.

Those three words changed the trajectory of Arlington, Texas mom Jennifer Jones’ life.

It was 2007. Within a three-month span, her marriage ended, and she lost her job when her school closed just before the start of classes. She was broken. She had no idea what was next. She felt imperfect. Her identity, like many of us, had always been tied to her job. She was a teacher. She kept the rule book and she gave the lessons.

But it was time for her to receive a lesson.

It came, unexpectedly, from a woman known in the Bible for humility and religious devotion. Her name was Hagar. She was the first woman to name God, El Roi, the God who sees.

The miracle for Jennifer Jones was hearing the words "I see you”.

It was as if lightning struck. She knew she needed to accept that she was broken and give herself permission to take care of herself. But she also knew she needed to share her story with other women who might also be struggling.

Jones says, “Women, when they are around other women they trust, they are willing to share more…there are so many teachable moments in sharing with each other.” Her motto is: You are seen. You are worthy. You are loved.

Jennifer felt moved to encourage women. And in the summer of 2019, it moved her to create "Hagar's Heart" It's an online spot where a tribe of women truly support each other. The Facebook group of hundreds of women encourage one another, motivate, support, connect and just interact together. It has grown into book studies, girl’s night out, and events surrounding our world, which one day, will become face to face.

"I want to give overflowing encouragement... and inspire women to accept life's unpredictability and plant a seed for them to live life to the fullest," says Jennifer.

A busy mom, to an 8-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son, Jennifer and her "Hagar's Heart" also works with local domestic violence shelters to provide, what she calls, "I See You" boxes. They are stuffed with goodies, such as face masks, handmade soaps, chocolates, a journal and pen, fingernail clippers, a makeup bag and even succulents.However, the most special gift might be a handwritten letter, tucked inside the box. It’s a letter of encouragement, from a woman to another woman, carrying on message, “I see you.” The Hagar’s Heart Letter Campaign is what begins to break the barrier of being unseen – both for the writer and the woman who receives it.

Jennifer can always use donations and a few extra hands to help send those messages of inspiration.

Jennifer's message to you? "I see you.